Everyone (Including Caitlyn) Turned Up for Kylie Jenner’s Big Birthday Pic Except Kween Kris

Literally just needed to turn her head, like, 45 degrees.

No one needs another reason to love the always-slaying Kris Jenner more than they already do. But we’re going to you all one, because it’s Kylie’s 18th birthday, and more importantly, #Monday.

Starting last Friday, we were prepared for a birthday celebration that would rock our world, thanks in part, to Kendall and her weird yet awesome pic. Then, the celebrations began, ridiculous purchases by Tyga were made, and Kween Kris was posted up out-kweening every moment in history. Here’s the crew (I spy Caitlyn) partying it up over the weekend, and if you look closely, you’ll see (who we think is) Kris with her head facing away from the pic, probably getting to important emails, keeping the careers of her famous fam afloat.
Meanwhile, here she is, posting about her BFF Melanie Griffith’s birthday.
Because, Kris.



Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.