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Now That Kylie Jenner’s 18, Tyga Can Post Photos Like This Of Her And It’s Totally Not Weird

Or is it weird? Idk.

There was a time when Tyga would post a photo of Kylie Jenner, and it kind of made you uncomfortable because of the whole age difference/her being a minor thing. Now, Kylie’s officially legal, and that means that she and Tyga can enjoy all kinds of fun, lawful things together. It also means that T-Raww can post photos like the following of his bae, and you can no longer think that it’s weird.

Happy bday to the dopest girl ever!

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Just kidding. You can still think whatever you want about it. I personally think Kylie looks hot as hell, and I’m not surprised T-Raww would want to flaunt her on his Instagram. Something tells me there are more posts like the above in store.

But as far as the caption goes, I have to say it’s not my favorite. This one still gets me.

Your beauty never goes unnoticed. One of the best/dopest person in my life.

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1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.