Heaven & Hell: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 405

But seriously who hit Jackie Christie in the motherf---ing lip?!

Busted lips and broken glasses on Basketball Wives LA, eh? The ladies took a trip to Santa Barbara and while all eyes were on Draya and the addition of her “real friend” Angel Brinks things took a turn during game night when Mehgan got hot-headed and took it to Malaysia and Brandi.

Need a refresher of what went down? Check out our handy recap for all the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from Basketball Wives LA, episode 405!

  • “I’ve never been drunk a motherf—ing day in my life.” – Jackie Christie

    The ladies head to Santa Barbara, where Jackie tells all the girls that Draya described Angel as her “real friend.”


    Brandi and Malaysia feel a way about it.

  • Roomies!

    When they get to the house Mehgan gets bunked up with Jackie as their friendship is taking twists.

  • (Ayyy Ayyy) Girl looks like a zebra (Ayyy Ayyy)

    Angel meets the rest of the girls and no one is really feeling her that much. Sorry, Ang!

  • The face version of a dry hello?

    Malaysia reaches for the vino when Draya arrives. Oop.

  • Sis, listen, sis

    Jackie says she doesn’t think Draya is a real friend to Malaysia and Malaysia says she knows.

  • As If

    Draya is offended that Jackie pulled Malaysia aside and says nothing was directed at Malaysia or Brandi. She tries to interrupt their convo.

  • Brandi calls Jackie’s bluff

    Brandi basically says Jackie made everyone paranoid about what Draya said because she’s a shit-stirrer same old, same old.

  • When you get called out on camera…

    Malaysia calls Draya out for not reaching out when she announced her divorce or when her brother was killed.

  • Our faces at Draya’s apology are like:

    Draya insists that Malaysia and Brandi are her REAL friends. She says she didn’t want to reach out to Malaysia because she’s an only child and Brandi’s asks, “Who does that?”

  • Mehgan bares all

    Meanwhile, Mehgan has a bonding moment with Patrice and says she had an abortion with her Baller ex and she is still emotional about it. (PS. Angel is here for the whole interaction but doesn’t seem to care much for or about Mehgan, so far.)

  • Folks, this is a “lil bit turnt up”

    Jackie runs away to her room and the other ladies refuse to let her and Mehgan be left alone, they insist on doing group activities.

  • Buh-Bye

    Jackie kicks everyone out of her room so she can get ready for the hot tub.

  • What these bishes have put meeeee through

    Jackie tells Mehgan the other ladies have been terrible to her and have called her names for years. She’s sick of being labeled “crazy.”

  • 7 minutes in hell

    The ladies play a game where they have to say who of the group they’d nominate for heaven and hell, respectively. Not shockingly, Jackie is nominated into hell a few times.

  • And I see your true colors…

    While the ladies are playing games, Draya says she’s not great at empathy which obviously explains her lack of understanding of what’s been going on in Malaysia’s life.


    Mehgan gets defensive, again, about people saying she lied about Jackie being her friend. When she gets in Malaysia’s face and breaks a glass, Brandi is d.o.n.e.

  • Drinking game alert: drink every time Mehgan says “Jackie, my hand’s bleeeeeeding.”

    Jackie got hit in the lip and is pissed but Mehgan is done with her because Jackie ran away from the fight rather than helping her.


    Jackie says she’s going to clear the air with the other ladies for she and Mehgan but her primary concern is who hit her in the GD lip.

Find out what happens with Jackie and Mehgan and Jackie’s lip on an all new Basketball Wives LA, Sunday at 9/8c!