Surprises, Fishing Trips, & Bee-sesuals: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 416

Jessica and Margeaux are, legit, starting a war.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started with a surprise (Yay Kirk isn’t world’s worst!) and ended with a surprise (sorry, Mimi!) but there was a lot of drama sandwiched in the middle. Between Joseline and Stevie getting into it over her career and Scrappy making an ultimatum about walking Momma Dee down the aisle, ish got real.

Need a refresher? Take a look at our handy recap of all the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, episode 416!

  • Kirk has a surprise that doesn’t suck

    Kirk has a surprise for Rasheeda: he went and got her space for her store in the mall.

  • When your boo is holding you down

    It’s nice to see Rasheeda genuinely happy with something Kirk did for once.

  • LOL @ Shotgun Weddingz 4 Shiznyee

    Scrappy’s sister tells him that Momma Dee is getting married and right quick. Scrap’s not pleased particularly when he learns that Bambi and Erica are supposed to be bridesmaids.

  • Joseline’s like bi, bi, bi

    Joseline gets serious sharing the story of her coming out as bisexual to her family.

  • Then she’s like, “It gets better”

    Joseline meets with gay promoters about performing for a charity event and is excited to give back to the LGBT community.

  • Kalenna gets help

    Kalenna and Tony sit down with a counselor who talks about real stuff like how hard it is to be a mother, especially to black boys.

  • Scraps has had it, for shiznyee

    Scrappy tries to get answers from The Bam about what in the world is going on with Momma Dee and her wedding.

  • But a mother’s love…

    Momma Dee really needs Scrappy to be there for her and walk her down the aisle but Scrappy says if Erica is a bridesmaid then he won’t be there.

  • Soldiers are getting ready to start a war

    Jessica enlists Margeaux to perform their remix of “Start A War” at a booking Mimi got her so that she can really end their working relationship on a high dramatic note.

  • Gilligan and The Sleazo, too

    Stevie J goes on a fishing trip with Scrappy, Kirk, and Tony Vick to tell his boys he and Joseline are moving to LA. (You lost Joc’s number, Stevie?)

  • Instagram Flex (Ooh Ooh, Ooh)

    Scrappy shows Stevie an Instagram pic of Joseline flexin’ with producers and writers that Stevie knows even though she said she wasn’t using his connections.

  • Whatchu talkin bout, Momma?

    Erica meets with Rasheeda and tells her that Momma Dee is starting some trouble by asking her and Bambi to be in the wedding. Rasheeda LOLs and shares the news of her store.

  • Fishing for fish or fishing for info?

    Stevie calls Joseline out for using his connections but Joseline says she still wants to work with her husband. The Baddest Boosh wants Stevie to be happy for her and invites him to the show.

  • When you gotta uninvite a bish

    Momma Dee un-asks Erica to be in her bridal party, as to avoid drama and have Scrappy there. Erica understands because, duh.


    Jessica tells Karlie that she’s not working with Mimi anymore and she’s going to tell Mimi by having Margeaux come out at her performance.

  • When you have no f—s to give

    Jessica comes out on stage in a barely-there top because she, literally, has zero f—s to give for MF management.

  • “Why I gotta be here?” – Ariane Davis

    Jessica says she’s got a surprise and Mimi, Stevie, and Ariane are clueless.

  • Bish watt

    When Mimi finds out the surprise is Nikko’s wife, she’s so through.

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