You’ll Never Guess Where Miguel Keeps His Grammy Award

If you had a Grammy, where would you put it?

You Oughta Know artist and “Coffee” crooner Miguel won his first Grammy in 2013. He was in the car on the way to the red carpet when he found out that he had won the Best R&B Song award for “Adorn.” He later got the gramophone trophy in the mail, and found the perfect spot for it in his house.

“Right after the foyer in the house, there’s a small library, and it’s sitting in the very beginning of the library. It’s where we put our keys,” he says. His Grammy is where he keeps his keys. So casual. I die.

Stay tuned for more exclusive Miguel news this month, and hear him talk about the changing landscape of music, the creation of genres by business, and more in this segment of Playback.

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