I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Tre + Torian Switch Places and Quickly Regret It

It was only a matter of time before one set of twins secretly switched places.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Twinning, Tre and Torian decide to break the rules, secretly switch identities, and turn up in one another’s houses. Tre heads over to the Green House as Torian while Torian heads over the the Blue House – eager to have a wild night surrounded by single ladies.

Over at the Blue House, Torian turns up and puts the moves on Shawn. “Tor-whore is coming out. I really just don’t give a damn. I get lucky.” Under the impression that she is making out with Tre, who has a girlfriend, Shawn quickly ends the make-out session.

Later at the Double Down challenge, host Angie Greenup calls out Tre and Torian for secretly switching places. As a result of their prank, they are forced to remain in the houses they switched into. With the rest of the twins feeling betrayed and thinking Tre and Torian are untrustworthy, how will this affect the rest of the game?

Rewatch the two scenes above and share your thoughts/comments below.