You Can Now Communicate with Burger King and Broad City Emojis

Finally, we can properly express ourselves.

Have you ever sent a text and thought, “I can’t fully explain myself and my emotions regarding this particular subject without a tiny image of Ilana from Broad City?” Dude, we’ve all been there.

Thanks to a company called Snaps, you can have all that and a pack of chicken fries. The app, which has just raised $6.5 million to help you better communicate completely absent of words, allows marketers to post branded emojis — or digital stickers — from companies like Victoria’s Secret, Sony Pictures, and of course, Burger King, so you can let those sweet, sweet chicken fries do the talking for you. And if you need a classy way to let your hot neighbor know you’d be into “pegging” him? The Broad City emojis on Snaps can do that for you.

Yas, queen.