Making a Splash: The 15 Best Hot Tub Moments on Reality TV

Because all good things happen in or around a hot tub.

If anything in life is certain, it’s this: Good things happen in and around hot tubs.

Why is that? Maybe it’s the temperature, the fact that you’re typically half-naked (or naked) when you’re in one, or that you’re typically half-naked (or naked) in one with someone you’re attracted to. Whatever it is about hot tubs that gets you going, know that it gets other people going, too.

We may never know why the hell hot tubs make people do things they wouldn’t do anywhere else, but we can appreciate the moments that transpire because of them—especially on reality shows, where the wilder you get the more memorable it is. Here are reality TV’s 15 best moments involving hot tubs (and much, much shamelessness). Check out more from VH1’s month-long Keepin’ It Real reality TV package.

  • That time Snooki wore thong panties in the hot tub on Jersey Shore:

    Snooki was feeling herself when she joined her male cast mates in the hot tub wearing nothing but her bra and thong. Angelina, on the other hand, wasn’t, and schooled us all on hot tub etiquette by positing that wearing a thong bikini would have been “a little bit more classier.”

  • When Mike had a situation and Snooki DGAF on Jersey Shore:

    Snooki was not about Mike’s situation with a girl he had brought home when she saw the two of them hooking up in the hot tub. “Ew, what are you doing? Baby girl, I don’t mean to interrupt,” Snooki interrupted.

  • The moment things got “ill romantic” between Ronnie and Vinny on Jersey Shore:

    The season the cast headed to Italy, things accidentally got “ill romantic” between Ronnie and Vinny. The boys were enjoying a jacuzzi moment together when they felt a gravitational pull towards one another, and they didn’t fight it.

  • That time Audrina took her top off on The Hills so Justin Bobby would get in the GD pool with her:

    It was meant to be a romantic evening for Audrina and Justin Bobby when they had the house and pool all to themselves, but then again, nothing’s that romantic when burp master Justin Bobby’s involved. Audrina gave it her all anyway, taking off her top so that JB would get in the pool with her. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, you know?

  • When Jason and Lauren Conrad left dinner to go in the hot tub on Laguna Beach:

    Remember the time when Jason inexplicably rolled up to LC’s house in that dumb, seat belt-less car to take her on a date? And then they left dinner so that they could go in the hot tub and get ~le cozy~? You know what it is.

  • The threesome on The Real World: Las Vegas that made Frank uncomfortable:

    While Trishele, Brynn, and Steven were feeling frisky in the tub, Frank was looking on, having a moment of his own. “I’m really not that sort of person that’s just gonna be hooking up with, like, everyone in the tub all together in a big mixture of disease and infestation,” he later said in the confessional. To each his own. (But the Center for Disease Control salutes you, Frank.)

  • When the water was too hot in Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch:

    You know when you really want to get in the hot tub but it’s actually too hot? Welp, that’s what happened on Chad and Tara’s hot tub date on Ochocinco. Tara decided to brave the heat—and risk getting “second degree burns”—so that she and Chad could have their moment. <3

  • That time Adrianne Curry got bored, naked in the hot tub, and bored again on My Fair Brady:

    Adrianne was not about to let her fiancé falling asleep on her ruin her night. So, she did what any woman looking to make the most of the situation would do: She got naked and went in the hot tub. “The hot tub’s fired up, there’s chocolate fondue, my fiance’s asleep, what the f—k would you do?” Adrianne later said. Same, A, same.

  • When Frank’s hot tub party woke up his mom on Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair:

    Frank was just trying to have a wild hot tub party on Frank the Entertainer when Cathy got a little too drunk. Things got blurry and loud on her end, and Frank’s mom woke up from all of the noise. The goal in life is always to keep Mom a safe distance from your hot tub activities.

  • The time Kirk used his “free pass” on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:

    Kirk, Benzino, and some lady friends were in the hot tub philosophizing about love when Kirk decided that he wanted a “free pass.” He reasoned that, if Rasheeda really loved him, she’d want him to be happy—and that meant being able to “have some fun.”

  • When Erica Mena and Cyn took a bubble bath on Love & Hip Hop:

    So, it’s not exactly a hot tub moment, but there was a tub and things were definitely hot. Erica took Cyn on a spa date, which resulted in the two getting cozy in a bubble bath and reminiscing about “twerking with the Indians.”

  • When the hot tub smelled too much like chlorine for Jeff to be bothered on Interior Therapy:

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    Jeff Lewis left Jenny hanging on Interior Therapy when he refused to join her and their clients in the hot tub. Why? It smelled too much of chlorine. That’s what kills the diseases, Jeff.

  • The time Jimmy Kimmel was in the hot tub with Chris and Kaitlyn on The Bachelor:

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    Chris and Kaitlyn were trying to make hot tub memories on The Bachelor when Jimmy Kimmel was suddenly in the hot tub with them. What resulted was the ultimate third-wheel moment, with Jimmy nomming away on some chicken wings.

  • When Shawn drove up to The Bachelorette in a hot tub car:

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    So, hot tub cars are apparently a thing because Shawn drove one on the 2015 season premiere of The Bachelorette. He was afraid someone might pee in the communal hot tub, so he brought his own private one. He gave new meaning to “car pool.”

  • The epic time everyone on The Real World: Hollywood got naked and went into the hot tub:

    “I am everything I never wanted to be tonight,” Kimberly Alexander said in the confessional on Real World: Hollywood. Earlier that night, she had started a movement for everyone in the house to get naked and hop into the hot tub. It was a success.

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