Bruce Springsteen vs. Dave Grohl: Who Is the Nicest Guy in Rock?

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In describing how he came up with his shock-and-roll performance persona, Alice Cooper says that in surveying the late 1960s landscape of “rock heroes,” he just wanted to be the first blood-guts-and-madness “rock villain.”

Off-stage, Alice is renowned as one of the friendliest, most open, and caring individuals you could ever hope to meet.

That’s one pleasant and positive case, then, of an artist whose private life is almost the exact opposite of what he puts on under the spotlight. We’ve certainly all heard of superstar loudmouths who go the other way: they talk a good game about peace, love, and understanding, and then abuse everyone around them like angry, spoiled, egomaniacal Roman emperors.

In the case of Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl, though, their “genuinely great guy” images get continually backed up by kindness, generosity, and expressions of appreciation for friends, family, and fans—even when nobody’s looking.

Which of these contenders, then, is truly contemporary music’s most genuinely cool dude? We pit the Boss against the Foo in a run-through of recent knockout nice moves to determine who is The Nicest Guy in Rock.

Bruce Helps a Brother (in Law) and a Brother (in Music) Out

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