Channing Tatum Handpicked Gabriel Iglesias for Both Magic Mike Movies

"He even follows me on Twitter." #GOALS

Thanks to Channing Tatum, Gabriel Iglesias didn’t have to stress to get a role in Magic Mike and the upcoming sequel Magic Mike XXL. “Channing’s so cool!” he told us. Don’t we know it, Gabe.

“He hit me up, basically I bypassed the whole auditioning process,” he said on Big Morning Buzz Live. “[I] talk[ed] to the casting people and next thing you know I’m on the set. He even follows me on Twitter.” NBD.

So what’s it like being around those hunky men all the time? “If that was my thing or if I drank a lot I might be into it [Laughs].”

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.