FYI: Joe Jonas’ Instagram Is the Funniest Thing on the Internet

Put down the Chipotle and follow him immediately.

If you think your Instagram is hilarious because you post the occasional joke pic or drunk THOT selfie with the squad, think again. The funniest Insta goes to someone who has popped into your wet dreams at least 17 times in your life. He’s one-third of the most influential music group in the history of humans. And, best of all, he’s friends with Taylor Swift. Obviously, we’re talking about the king of kings, Mr. Joe Jonas.

You may not know it, but Joe has the low-key greatest Instagram on the planet. This hottie isn’t afraid to post a ratchet meme or awkward Dubsmash. In fact, he thrives off of it. Hilarious ’grams keep JoeJoe rolling, and we’re kinder, more humane people for it.

Just take a gander at homeboy’s Instagram, and you’ll get exactly what we mean. Too much Saturday effort? Don’t sweat it. We cherry-picked his 15 most LOL-worthy Instas and put them in a comprehensive listicle. Just call us angels.

If you read further, you can skip the gym today. Your abs will get a better workout here than anywhere else. We 97 percent promise.

  • Joe has his priorities in line.

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    Joe’s caption: You be at the club I be at home like

  • Meaning, he knows desserts>>>everything else. Including you, Jesus.

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    Joe’s caption: “Come here my little one.”

  • His Instas are relatable AF. (We’ve literally all been here.)

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    Joe’s caption: When your crush walks in…

  • And here.

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    Joe’s caption: hi monday

  • Yup. Here, too—except not with Darren Criss, sadly.

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    Joe’s caption: judging you.

  • He understands the hustle.

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    Joe’s caption:: 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • But knows when to kick back with a book every now and then.

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    Joe’s caption: Hello

  • Don’t get it twisted, though. Joe knows how to get crazy.

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    Joe’s caption: #rebelvibez

  • Like, we’re talking insane.

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    Joe’s caption: rebel mood

  • He’s up-to-date on the latest #technology.

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    Joe’s caption: APPARENTLY @noahritter

  • Plus, Mr. Jonas isn’t afraid to poke fun at his A-list friends.

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    Joe’s caption: Fun time last night at The Voice thanks Adam.

  • Or himself, for that matter.

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    Joe’s caption: Don’t be the Bishhhh that doesn’t come to Vegas when I DJ @hydebellagio this Saturday, July 25th! @sbe_nightlife 😏

  • He’s an advocate for animals who identify as ice cream cones.

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    Joe’s caption: Spiky Scoop coming up

  • And also Colonel-sexuality—being sexually attracted to Colonel Sanders.

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    Joe’s caption: Coffee date with the homie

  • Most important, however, Joe is unapologetically, unabashedly a badass betch. #LovesIt

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    Joe’s caption: Hi haters Bye haters