In The Season Finale Sneak Peek Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Uses A Bouquet Of Flowers As A Weapon Against Karlie

Everything's coming up roses, but not in a good way.

Joseline is going to give the performance of her life on this coming episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (it’s the season finale, y’all!), and of course her girl Karlie Redd is going to be there to support. (“She may not be Beyonce, but she puts on a great show,” is Karlie’s review.)

After the show that supports the Trevor Project and the LGBT community however, Karlie starts to stir things up when she reveals to Joseline that Stevie has asked Mimi and Eva to move with him and Joseline to Los Angeles. Life Partner Gang still in effect, yo! This is the first that Joseline has heard of such news, and after riding high on her amazing performance, she gets pissed off at Karlie for bring this up here and now. “You know, Karlie, I really been your friend for a while but you starting to piss me off,” Joseline says. “You starting to get real fake.” And that’s when she busts out the bouquet of roses as a weapon. Watch out for thorns, Karlie.

Tune in to the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this Monday, August 17 at 8PM ET/PT.