Can Selfie Pioneer Kim Kardashian Save I Am Cait From Ratings Hell?


Caitlyn Jenner’s eight-part E! docuseries I Am Cait is slipping in the ratings, and it’s causing the former Olympian to sweat mad bullets.

We’re talking crazy perspiration. There was a 50 percent drop in viewership between the first and second episodes, and the third installment drew in a dismal 1.2 million eyeballs; we understand the panic. But how can Caitlyn save the show, which she feels has turned into an infomercial about transgender issues (according to The Gossip Table)?

Kim Kardashian, of course! Caitlyn and I Am Cait executives hope Kim can lighten up the show and make it more fun, gossipy, and on-brand with E!’s audience. (In other words, like every GD Kardashian show on the network. Yipee.)

We understand that ratings are important; however, I Am Cait’s social impact is more crucial in the long run. This show is the first time trans issues have been put on primetime in such an unfiltered, direct, and personal way. To sacrifice that to spike ratings seems both shallow and—we’re sorry—stupid. In fact, if I Am Cait becomes just another Kardashian-fied piece of froth, these Kim GIFs will become our reality:

If they talk about waist training:

And/or selfie lighting:

If Kim says the word “Bible” but doesn’t mean the Bible:

Or cries about losing earrings when people are dying:

And Lord help us if Kim takes pictures of herself when someone is going to jail:

Leave I Am Cait alone!