Say Hello To The Not-So-Bad-Guy: Kanye West’s Most Heartwarming Moments

Here are a few moments that may help you warm up to Kanye West.

Currently the man people love to hate, Kanye West has turned into quite the polarizing figure these past few years. This can be attributed to his not-so-humble opinions— and bad timing whenever he chooses to voices those opinions. As much as we’ve seen unapologetic and brash versions of Ye, we’ve also seen him at his most vulnerable.

Kanye’s life has been an open book, taking both fans and critics with him on his journey as an artist and as a man. If you think Kanye is a loud-mouth, condescending, ego-maniac, then check out some of these heartwarming moments that may sway those opinions.

  1. Yeezus Meets His Idol

    You don’t have to be a Kanye Stan to know the influence Ralph Lauren had on him. Like seeing a kid meet Santa for the first time, this pic speaks for itself.

  2. Apologies To Taylor Swift On National Television

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    After the infamous VMA moment with Taylor Swift, Kanye made an appearance on Leno where he apologized for the third time in 24 hours. During the apology he gets a bit chocked up when Leno mentions his late mother.

  3. Yeezy Gives A Rapper His Big Break

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    Kanye has never been afraid to give a young artist a shot. John Legend, Big Sean and Kid Cudi are all living proof. Watch as he gives this underdog an unexpected chance at glory.

  4. The College Dropout Finally Arrives

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    Back in the day when the Best Rap Album category was actually aired, Ye took home his first ever statue for College Dropout. He revels in the moment, delivering a triumphant speech that garners a standing ovation from the crowd.

  5. Happy Birthday Big Brother

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    Ye showers his big brother with some thoughtful gifts on his special day (1:00 min), prompting even the unflappable Jay to have a moment with his buddy.

  6. Lets His Queen Know She Is “Awesome”

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    Even though Kim has 30 million Twitter followers, her husband is easily her biggest fan. This leaked track isn’t his greatest work—but in this case it’s the thought that counts.

  7. Goes All Out For Mama At The Grammys

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    Just a few months after losing his mother, Kanye honored her at the Grammys with an emotional performance of “Hey Mama.” A moment that felt more like a conversation than a performance.

  8. Tears For A Fallen Friend

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    During his in-depth interview with BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe, Kanye breaks down when describing his last encounter with late fashion professor Louise Wilson.

  9. Daddy And Daughter Spend Some Quality Time

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    If the actual song didn’t hit a soft spot, then the visuals for “Only One” certainly do the job.

  10. Candid Camera

    Kim catches a candid birthday/Father’s Day shot for the world to see. A truly heartwarming moment if we’ve ever seen one.