Oh Snap, Did Tom Brady Know About Ben Affleck’s Alleged Nanny Mistress?

It pains me to say TB may be in the dog house even more now.

If my husband Tom Brady becomes involved in nannygate after deflategate, I really don’t know how I can go on amongst these haters. Reports are claiming TB knew about Ben Affleck and his alleged mistress ever since photos of nanny Christine Ouzounian on Ben’s private jet surfaced. According to Page Six, they were headed to Las Vegas in June for a poker tournament and TB was on board.

In one pic, you can see their former nanny posing, wearing a bunch of Patriots Super Bowl rings, but like, who wouldn’t want to wear something that was on or around Tom’s finger? And that doesn’t necessarily mean TB was on this very-secretive, very-questionable journey with them. We don’t know if wifey Gisele accompanied them, but we do know there may be more sketchy photos where that came from. Sources tell The Gossip Table: “There might be more pictures out there that will be leaked including pictures of Ben and the nanny doing things that they should not be doing.”

Can we just leave Tom Brady TF out of this, please? Not that I’m trying to distract you from Tom and put Ben even further into the dog house, but does anyone think it’s ironic they reportedly went to a poker tournament in Vegas? I’m JUST saying.

And for those of you Internet trolls bound to call TB a bad influence:


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