The Loogie Is Gonna Get Yah: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 406

"I'm a boss..."

What would you do if someone spit on you? Oy. On Basketball Wives LA, Mehgan found out the hard way when Jackie Christie launched a loogie at her after Mehgan said JC didn’t defend her in the brawl with Brandi. Jackie refused to accept responsibility for her actions and said Draya and Brandi both egged on Mehgan but not everyone’s buying it. All that and more!

Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for all the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from Basketball Wives LA, episode 406!

  • When mom shows up but shet’s already broken

    Shaunie shows up after the Brandi, Malaysia, Jackie, Mehgan turnup…like wayyy late, girl.


    Draya wants to know if Mehgan understands why they have reservations about Jackie because she doesn’t stick up for her friends.

  • No more Miss Jackie Christie’s Lil Sis

    Mehgan hears the other girls loud and clear and despite what Jackie’s saying now, she doesn’t think she had her back.

  • The SPIT felt round the world

    Jackie thinks Mehgan is just trying to fit in and spits at her.

  • Give me my Evian water

    Mehgan feels some sort of way about the spit (of course) and runs after Jackie to throw a water bottle…?

  • Jackie going for a K.O.


    Jackie is livid after the second brawl and calls her friend Tamika to get BAIL MONEY for her. Then she calls a car so she can get the F out.

  • When you wanna pretend you don’t hear what’s happening

    The ladies hear Jackie rolling her suitcase out of the house and try to intercept.

  • Woman Thou Art Loosed

    JC hears Draya talking about her and drops all her stuff because, guess what? She’s still ready to rumble, bb.

  • Mehgan’s sick of talking about Jackie, tbh

    Mehgan tells Shaunie she’s done with Jackie forever and she’ll get revenge. She also says Draya is a instigator and Shaunie agrees.

  • Real Friend vs. Fake Friend, rinse and repeat

    Malaysia and Brandi try to get to know Angel better and talk about Draya’s friendship. Malaysia definitely feels like Draya is a subpar friend to her but claims she’s over it.

  • It’s your fault, Draya!

    Jackie tells Draya it’s her fault because she told Mehgan that Jackie didn’t have her back. Draya doesn’t accept that blame but she and JC do put the drama behind them, for now.

  • Sweatin’ to the oldies

    Patrice talks to Brandi and Malaysia about adopting Eddie’s son from his infidelity and the women can’t imagine how much Patrice has been through.

  • <3 World’s Best Mom <3

    Patrice and Eddie celebrate their son, Reign’s birthday and Patrice says she wants to adopt Noah because “it’s not his fault, he didn’t do nothing wrong.”

  • Doug hangs his head in shame

    Jackie tells Doug she spit on Mehgan and Doug tells his wife she needs to get it together.

  • When you’re walking into the war

    Brandi shows up late and Jackie is POed. Brandi says that Jackie is insane.

  • “How am I insane?”

    Jackie wants to know what about her is insane. She accuses Brandi of instigating Mehgan (to the point at which Jackie ended up spitting on her?)

  • “I’m a boss”

    Jacki insist she’s a boss and above Brandi but then the diamond falls out of her finger.

  • Say bish one more time, MF

    Brandi has had enough of Jackie running her mouth and says Jackie bettah not call her a b—h one more time.

  • And she did…

  • But this lovebug is v. into it so we kool

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