Music Industry Men Who Seem Like They Take Forever To Get Ready in The Morning

Pretty on fleek.

Fact: There are some very attractive men in the music industry.

From rappers to singers, these men are always camera-ready when they step out on the scene. They know they have their sexy, mouth-watering images to maintain and do whatever it takes to stay sharp.

As handsome as some of these gentlemen are, there are a few that look like they go to extremes to stay on top of their appearance game. Yes, we’re getting a big ol’ bathroom hog vibe from all of these dudes. The end result is that they look great, but probably take an annoyingly long time to get ready in the morning.

Why, you ask? Take a look at our guesses below.

  • Trey Songz

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    Mr. Steal Your Girl always has to make sure his skin is thoroughly moisturized. He could have paid my college tuition with the money he uses to buy his Skin So Soft every month.

  • Adam Levine

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    His wife is a model, so he needs to take a longer time to not be out shined by her. He knows good and well he practices his pout when she’s not looking.

  • Pitbull

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    Mr. 305 makes sure his head is as shiny as possible before leaving the house. Like a shoe buffer polishing shoes, Pitbull’s head buffering requires some persistence. If you can’t see his gloss down the block, he didn’t do a good job.

  • Jason Derulo

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    Do you know how long it takes to put tight leather clothes on? The man needs time to suck in and squeeze.

  • Prince

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    It takes a lot of effort to make sure that Afro is on fleek. Adding moisturizer, making sure it soaks in ,and picking the hair so strand lengths are even throughout the ’do definitely takes time.

  • Ne-Yo

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    It’s a process to decide which side his hat is going to be on. All that big, round head needs careful thought.

  • Robin Thicke

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    Did you think he woke up with slick hair like that? He has more grease marinading in his scalp than a KFC bucket of chicken.

  • Bruno Mars

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    The singer has to run around the house finding at least one shiny object to put on his body before starting the day. He’s got to look like a treasure!

  • Usher

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    Looks like someone forgot to change out of his tap dancing costume. Who knew he got his Gregory Hines on before heading to the studio?

  • LL Cool J

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    He can’t fit those sexy muscles into any shirt he sees on the rack. Through many levels of trial and error, LL makes sure his clothes are the right fit.

  • Kanye West

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    Turning Kim Kardashian’s big booty fitting jeans into a fashionable outfit is a feat that this producer/rapper-turned-fashion designer can accomplish.

  • Michael Buble

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    Finding a smooth suit to match your smooth voice isn’t an easy task. Especially when you know you’re gonna sweat it out after slaying a soulful song.

  • Daddy Yankee

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    It’s an art to make sure your eyebrows are perfectly arched. If anyone knows this, it’s this papi.

  • Justin Bieber

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    JB takes time to practice his camera poses every single day. The models he chills with are no match for him.

  • Pharrell

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    It’s very stressful work deciding which of his many huge hats he wants to wear. Dr. Seuss’ cat ain’t got nothing on this one.

  • Drake

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    Never knowing when he’ll be tried, Drizzy always makes a hot track or two before leaving his home.

  • Young Thug

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    The struggle to find a cute frilly blouse that can fit a man’s body is real. Or maybe he just borrowed this one from his fiancee.

  • Ginuwine

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    Yes Mr. Baby Hair, you better make sure they’re on point before hitting the red carpet! Even though brushing these little precious strands and making sure they lay well takes time and effort, the tedious job is worth it when he steps out for a night on the town.

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