It’s The End Of An Era If Lil Wayne Truly Chopped His Dreads [UPDATED]

Nope. We don’t believe our eyes. Lil Wayne has not cut his dreads. It’s just pulled back in a ponytail. Plausible explanation, yes? Whether we accept it or not it would appear Weezy is starting fresh in the new year letting his long hair, don’t care go.

For the Super Bowl this Sunday celebs are trekking to Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. Big Boi celebrated his birthday in the NO last night tweeting a picture of himself with Weezy. Wait…wait. Weezy’s long dreads are gone. No mas. He’s been growing his iconic dreads for over a decade. It’s truly the end of an era. The world wept.

Lil Wayne’s long hair, don’t care is back on! Mack Maine of YMCMB Instagrammed a photo of his boss with the caption, “Let’s end the speculation….Lil bro didn’t cut his hair…but he is rocking that Saints Super Bowl ring!! #longhairdontcare.” And everyone can dry their eyes.

So….Lil Wayne Cut Off His Dreads…And THIS Is What He Looks Like… [The YBF]

[Photo: Getty Images]