Drake Drops His New Single Early, Openly Gives No Effs About What You Think

Initially rumored to arrive next Sunday, February 10th, the October’s Very Own team has unleashed the lead single from Drake’s third LP over a week early. And while we might be guilty of poking fun at Drizzy from time to time here on Tuner, allocating credit where it’s actually due is also one of our hobbies.

The new track, disputably titled “Started From The Bottom,” is less sing-songy and more stripped-down than what Drake fans might be used to. The menacing and simplistic Mike Zombie-produced beat compliments the Canadian rapper’s choppy flow, and will likely summon loads of head nods and car-window spins this weekend. Without giving too much about the song away, we can salute Drake’s commitment to perseverance and loyalty within his inner-circle, but might also suggest he prepare himself for the flack he’ll conceivably catch for the track’s hook, and the fact that his cadence sounds a touch like Meek Mill’s.

Sure, everyone has a story about their come-up, Drake just doesn’t give a f*** about whether you think he’s struggled in life or not. He knows his story and that’s all that matters. You rollin’?