Did A Tracklist For Kanye’s (Alleged) Next Album, Rich Black American, Just Leak?


Kanye West wore a straitjacket on stage in Abu Dhabi. Anything is a possibility in his peculiar world. A mysterious screen shot is floating around implying Kanye’s follow-up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy shall be named Rich Black American. As if his collaborative Watch The Throne joint with his mentor Jay-Z didn’t drill the point that Kanye’s black (obviously) and rich (also obvious) and American (obvious again) this album will serve as another reminder.

All seems a little fishy. First and foremost, Watch The Throne was the only rap album in the last five years we can think of that didn’t leak. Kanye and Jay went to great lengths to make sure their “baby” was kept under wraps until it’s official release date. Don’t think for a second Kanye’s game is slipping to the point that he’d allow song titles, guest features and an album title to magically leak. Also considering the alleged features like Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Pusha T, Skrillex and Big Sean–all artists he’s worked with before–it’s not hard to make up song titles featuring plausible artists. Even Florence Welch doesn’t seem like such a strange guest appearance for Mr. West.

In recent years Kanye’s been accused of becoming a caricature of himself. But we still love him. One of the examples online personalities have used to prove their theory is that he’s become the guy he rapped about in “Gold Digger.” If the name for this record is true maybe he’s trying to prove he’s still the political-social-conscious-proudly black Ye from College Dropout. Only difference is now he can insert the Rich between Black and American. Oh, Kanye.

Is Kanye West’s New Album Called “Rich Black American”?