Rihanna’s Blowing Smoke In The Haters’ Faces With Sexy New Terry Richardson Photos

Can't touch her.

Puff, puff, pass. YOLO. No effs to give. Lately Rihanna’s living out each of those mottoes to the fullest in everything she does including her Rolling Stone cover story. And now Lena Dunham will have one more reason to disapprove of bad girl Riri.

Terry Richardson released the photos via his website and they are as expected. Rih shows off her hot tattooed body while blowing smoke from a cigarette that she probably wishes was a joint. Lena better get to clicking the unfollow button on Instagram because Rihanna’s not here to make others comfortable. While critics and her peers stay mad on the sidelines scoffing about her lack of role model behavior, Riri is blowing smoke in the haters’ faces.

Whether you can or can’t get with her trying extra hard to show she’s bada*s, you can’t deny the girl photographs gorgeously. Work Ri, work!

Rihanna Lights Up Terry Richardson’s Studio, Then Smokes A Cigarette [Idolator]