Beyonce Can Be ‘King Bey,’ But Madonna Is Still Queen Of Ratings And Viewership For Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Numbers on the board.

What? You didn’t think Beyonce was going to come back quietly did you? It’s beyond Beyonce overload as we predicted in December, and Bey has returned snatching wigs. Her Super Bowl XLVII performance slayed and has helped solidify her place among the greats such as Prince, Diana Ross and Madonna. And the general consensus may have ranked Bey’s mini-concert (because that’s what she gave) above Madonna’s halftime performance last year, the numbers don’t agree.

Madge is just going to forever be queen no matter who’s gunning for the crown. Slowly looks toward Lady Gaga. Bey considers herself the King, but she couldn’t top the ratings or viewership numbers of the Queen. See, the King doesn’t always trump a Queen. And what’s wrong with a woman being a Queen anyway? Digressing. According to SB Nation, Madonna’s halftime show remains the most watched ever at 114 million viewers. In comparison 100 million US viewers tuned in to watch Bey pop it in her onesie leotard. Per Deadline Beyonce pulled a 71 rating for the 8:00-8:30 p.m. ET slot to a very close 72 rating for Madonna’s show. Cheers to the Queens of the world.

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