Olly Murs Has Love For Dr. Dre, Eminem, And Hip-Hop Collaborations

These collabs need to happen ASAP!

With live renditions of “Angels” and “The Climb” catapulting him to a second-place finish on The X Factor UK, you may not have pegged Olly Murs as a hip-hop fan. “I grew up listening to a lot of rappers and styles of music like Dr. Dre–I’ve got the Chronic, 2001 albums–I’ve got 50 Cent stuff, I’ve got Eminem stuff,” says the big-band enthusiast, proving our February You Oughta Know artist’s own musical tastes are as eclectic as his assortment of vests and bowler hats.

This month’s featured performer took some time to answer our questions about what it’s like to share a room, much less an entire music video, with a certain (massive) Floridian hip-hop presence, as well as the varied musical hookups he’s had with “Heart Skips a Beat” and “Troublemaker.” “To have done a collaboration with someone as big as Flo Rida is amazing for me and it opens up a new audience for me in terms of my music and style,” Olly says. As a new kid on the block Stateside, he’s open to working with just about anyone–and is both curious and eager to hear the results. Check out Olly’s solo version of “Troublemaker,” performed exclusively for YOK Live.

“Artists are willing to take that step outside of their comfort zone, and I think I’ve always been that kind of artist,” he explains. So does that mean we should expect to hear his own freestyling by year’s end? “I like to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit and test myself, test my fans, and test people around me.” Hmm. We’ll take that as a maybe. We hope you’re studying this video, David Guetta. We think we just found the source of your next hook.

[Photo: Lauren Weissler]