Eve Says A Certain Female Rapper Isn’t Her ‘Cup Of Tea’ While Another Female Rapper Was Too Busy To Collaborate

"Everything ain't for everybody."

Picture this: Eve calls Azealia Banks. Eve: “Hey girl, I’m working on my first album in a million years and you should hop on a track with me.” Azealia Bank’s handler: “Hi Eve. Ms. Banks is pretty busy right now. So thanks, but no thanks.” *Record scratch* Excuse us?

According to the Pitbull in a skirt, if her memory serves her correctly Azealia “didn’t have time” to collaborate for her upcoming Lip Lock. “I think she might of been one of the ones that was like, ’I think I’m busy.'” Does homegirl not realize it’s Eve? From Ruff Ryders. Over eight million records sold, Grammy Award winner, television and movie star Eve. Whoever is on Azealia’s PR team is failing. They could’ve flipped a song with Eve into promoting, “Look, female rap solidarity” for Azealia’s image since she gets more publicity for her beefs than the music. An hour ago Azealia tweeted, “Def never even received a memo about collaborating ! Def never turned you down. @TheRealEve. Missed opportunities :-(.”

Eve’s had her ear to the streets in the 11 years since her last album. And, well, she could pass on Nicki Minaj’s music. “It’s not all my cup of tea, but I’m proud of her. I don’t know her, but she’s doing her thing. You can’t be mad at that.” As the saying goes, everything ain’t for everybody. Celebrities are no different.

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