Fleetwood Mac Talks Tumultuous Past: “We All Paid A Price For That Emotionally”

The legendary band dives back into their past.

We had the nerve-wracking honor of sitting down with Fleetwood Mac recently and chatted with the iconic band about their upcoming tour and the re-issue of their album Rumours, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this week. Most interesting was the group’s willingness to discuss their torrid, rocky personal past with each other, which included break ups, make ups, affairs, drug abuse and lots of legendary songs about it all. The band says that emotions and feelings still pop up when performing together on-stage, where their songs live on even after the old feelings and feuds they detail have long-since died.

“All those feelings that you have for each other do come out on stage,” Stevie Nicks told VH1.”Because you’re telling the stories when you sing the songs, so you are in a way re-enacting what happened.” 

Unlike so many other bands, they’ve actually managed to work through it, making their story just as unique and special as the music they’ve created together. “You have to backtrack to Rumours where we were prevailing as a group under the worst personal circumstances and we all paid a price for that emotionally,” said Lindsey Buckingham. “I think it made the dynamic between us a bit elusive and a bit convoluted at times, and over time that has become more refined and more clear. And we can separate what’s important from what’s not important and we can look at everything that’s happened with a certain level of wisdom.”

Mick Fleetwood echoed his sentiments: “That really is the mystery of what we have… there are certain artists that literally agree to really loathe each other in a construct, and they know they play great music and they truthfully can make a lovely living and it’s fine,” he said. “We cannot do that, we simply cannot… because too much has happened between all of these people, which is like Lindsey said, is probably completely unique to a rock n’ roll band.”

Never break the chain, guys. Never break the chain.

The new, three-disc edition of Rumours is out now, and it’s incredible. You can catch the band on tour this Spring and Summer – check out their website for details.