Performing With Elton John At The Grammys Is Giving Ed Sheeran Nightmares

Who wouldn't be nervous?

The wrath of Elton John is scaring Ed Sheeran into having bad dreams. There’s a lot of pressure for the You Oughta Know alum to nail Sunday’s Grammy performance with the legendary Brit. And nobody wants to be called a ” f****ing fairground stripper” by EJ so Ed has no choice but to hit a home run.

On one hand he was pretty giddy about the opportunity. On the other hand he has to live up to the hype, not disappoint Elton John, his fans and himself. “Like what happens if I win and what happens if I don’t? And what happens if my voice cracks when I’m singing? I fell asleep just thinking about it and had this really odd dream,” he told Baltimore’s MIX 106.5. Ed’s probably well prepared for the performance, but he had flashbacks of Elton’s rant on Madonna thus sending his subconscious into panic mode.

Ed Sheeran Having Nightmares Over Sir Elton Grammys Duet