The Case Of Kanye’s Skirt Pics Vanishing From Getty Images

A fashion mystery.

First Kanye was all confident in his bold decision to wear a kilt to the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden. Pushing the fashion envelope is what he does. But now that he’s being accused of feminizing black men in hip-hop he may have had his skirt pics removed from Getty.

According to Gawker, Getty Images confirmed that they were asked to remove several photos of Kanye from December’s benefit concert. Although they wouldn’t disclose why the timing seems strangely close to Lord Jamar’s of the ’90s political rap group Brand Nubian diss criticizing Ye of being the “pioneer of this queer s—.” Lord Jamar’s homophobia is lame. What’s also lame is having the skirt photos removed because of “gay” accusations.

When’s the last time Lord Jamar’s name was even in the press? Don’t worry, we’ll wait. His relevancy to hip-hop right now is about equal to that of Vanilla Ice. Kanye need not concern himself with homophobic opinions. Kanye in a skirt is his own prerogative. Besides, Ye must know those images may have been wiped from Getty but will live on the ’net forever.

Kanye West Is the ‘Pioneer of This Queer Shit,’ Says Homophobe Rapper [Gawker]

[Photo: Getty Images]