Olly Murs Laments A Certain “Troublemaker” In Exclusive You Oughta Know Live Performance

Olly shows off more of his personality than ever before

Olly Murs was without new friend Flo Rida during our You Oughta Know shoot, but between his distinctly Brit-ish pronunciation and the improvised moves of his enthusiastic backup dancers, we didn’t even sweat. (Sorry, Flo!) This month’s featured artist broke down current single, “Troublemaker,” for YOK Live, bringing an infectious energy to our personalized stage, as well as a stellar band.

It might be worlds away from the oversized pressure-cooker that is Simon Cowell’s X Factor, but a relaxed setting like this only further allows Olly to show off his personality. We understand the subject in question was hurtful, Olly, and we’ll do anything we can to make him or her pay. You’re too cute to be unhappy! Although, if performances like this are the by-product of your sadness, we have no choice but to support continued emotional stress. Like Kelly says, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.