Welcome Back, Fall Out Boy! (Your Songs Still Have The Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Names)

We've missed you.

Fall Out Boy is getting back together. It’s all very exciting. Their new single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” is TWELVE words long (including what’s in the parenthesis) and as far as I’m concerned, each word is more thrilling than the last. Because aside from being known as the band with Pete Wentz, they’re also quite well known for having the most wonderfully ridiculous song titles. Ridiculous(ly awesome) in length (and super into the usage of the parenthetical aside). In honor of their new single and its TWELVE WORDS, I’ve ordered some of the worst FOB offenders from least to most offensive. See if you can figure out what the songs are about just from the titles!

Welcome Back, Fall Out Boy! (I Missed You)