The Lumineers Unveil New Video For “Stubborn Love”: Watch It Here!

Vh1 has an exclusive new clip.

Former You Oughta Know act The Lumineers have flown the coop since being featured back in July, now headed for the big, bad Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this very weekend. We couldn’t be prouder! To help celebrate all they’ve accomplished, we’ve got our hands on a first-look at their latest music video for “Stubborn Love,” available exclusively here on VH1.

There’s a wistful feeling that hangs with each strand of blonde hair we see blowing in the wind in the opening shot, and after nearly 30 seconds we’re feeling pangs of nostalgia, totally overwhelmed by a happy sadness thinking back on car trips with loved ones and secrets shared with siblings. Director Isaac Ravishankara lends a warm, hazy glow to the official visual, evoking more sentiment than any Instagram filter could ever give to your brunch photo. Through the eyes (and car window) of our young and silent narrator, we experience an assortment of life’s Big Moments, including: love, breakups, breakdowns–both literal and metaphorical–as well as both loss and discovery. We’d like to thank the Denver-based trio for barreling their brand of folk “Americana” into the mainstream over the last year, and for making tearing up in the office completely acceptable. What? It’s for work!