The Music Of Nashville Episode 12: Love In An Elevator

Give your ears a treat.

This picture! Yesssss!!

This episode of Nashville had it all, didn’t it? By all, of course, I mean solid music, a wish (of mine) fulfilled in the form of hot elevator kissing between Rayna and Deacon (at last!), and my other wish, that of Avery getting the crap kicked out of him by Gunnar, also being fulfilled. Perfection!

Look, I’m one of those annoying Americans who, if you were to put me in a test audience, I’d probably want the protagonists to get together at the end and for everything to end happily and tidily. Sorry, auteurs! I am a cheese ball! So while I still wanted the knock on Rayna’s penthouse door last night to come from Deacon, just so we could watch his leathery face attack her again in a fit of passion, I’m satisfied enough that it was actually her husband Teddy who came to specifically ask her for a divorce. At last! Teddy and his square jaw can find the satisfaction they need getting it on with Peggy and her own square jaw. Perfect! Let’s do this!

Meanwhile, don’t feel bad for Juliette because she’s the one who always gets the good songs (well, except for that “I’m A Girl” song last night which she sang on tour, accompanied by a group of modern dancers and a metric ton of body shimmer), and her attempt at being a serious artist and singing a slow ballad totally won me over. The song, which Juliette writes with Deacon after realizing body shimmer is not her end game, called “Consider Me,” was actually written by Brendan Benson and Ashley Monroe. (You can listen to their version of it below.)

Benson and Monroe put out a series of demos, including “Consider Me” after he worked with Jack White and The Raconteurs. You can watch them discuss the song and hear Juliette’s version in the clip below.

Still more proof that Hayden Panettiere deserves a ton of credit for her music chops on this show, because her version is killer. And you know I say that begrudgingly, because it doesn’t change the fact that she is totally trying to steal Deacon away from Rayna.