Olly Murs Knows A Deep, Dark Secret About Simon Cowell

Do tell!

There’s a reason Olly Murs has been on numerous television shows long before he scored a record deal: the camera loves him. Between his eclectic taste in music to his penchant for spilling someone else’s beans, when Olly talks, we want to listen.

One subject our February You Oughta Know act is partial to chatting about is his X Factor past. The show that made him a household name throughout the United Kingdom, and later hired him as a cheeky backstage correspondent, is run by none other than Simon Cowell, who likely hasn’t stopped patting himself on the back since the delicious cowbell intro to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” hit American ears. “I just knew that Simon was the boss, and I just treated him like he was one of my mates or someone that I knew,” Olly said of his time on the show. “He’s just a normal guy like everyone else.” Is he, though?

Along with a strikingly spot-on rendition of Simon’s posh, career-shaping accent, Olly has a few observations about his mentor, aside from what we’ve been privy to (his love for breakfast juices and fight-flirting with Demi Lovato). “I’ll never forget when I walked into his dressing room once and he was just sitting there on YouTube. Like, Simon was on YouTube! I know it sounds ridiculous–when did you ever see Simon Cowell on YouTube?” Show’s over, folks. No need to waste a fat production budget on making X Factor a hit in the States when the most respected Evil Genius can simply cruise the web for future stars in the comfort of his jammies.

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