Grammys 2013: The Lumineers Start The “Ho Hey” Sing-Along

Our You Oughta Know alums The Lumineers may not have won any awards tonight–losing out to Bonnie Raitt in Best Americana Album category and fun. for Best New Artist–but their Grammy moment, as LL Cool J has instructed us to call them, was a very convincing argument as to why they deserved both statues, and then some.

The Denver-based group created and warm and safe space, where competition, flashbulbs, or past beefs no longer mattered and the music spoke for itself. Performing the song that started it all, front man Wesley Schultz helped instruct the crowd on exactly when to chime in with respective cheers, losing his signature hat in the process. You could tell it was a special moment for the newcomers, as Neyla Pekarek was visibly bouncing along on her tippy toes, likely savoring the feeling she’d soon share with the plastic snake she keeps in her purse. Because, let’s be honest: no matter how many times you’ve hummed “Ho Hey” in the last 10 months, you were singing along, too. Melissa Etheridge certainly was.

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