Grammys 2013: Rihanna, Sting, And Bruno Mars Have Got Mad “Love” For Bob Marley

No one knew how the differing musical styles of Rihanna, Sting and Bruno Mars would mesh when it was announced a few weeks ago that the three would team up for a very special 2013 Grammys performance.Some people theorized that because “Locked Out Of Heaven” sounds EXACTLY like Outlandos d’Amour-era Police, there would be some sort of crossover performance — and those people were right. Well, sort of.

The unusual medley was ostensibly a tribute to reggae pioneer Bob Marley, but it began with Bruno doing a typically high energy performance of “Locked.” About halfway through the song, Sting emerged from the shadows wielding his trusty bass (slappin’ da bass, mon!). Frankly, we were a little surprised that he didn’t add the word “tantric” to the song’s refrain of “Your sex takes me to paradise,” but our (mild) disappointment went away as soon as he began singing the Police classic, “Walking On The Moon.”

After nearly four minutes of the “Locked”/”Walking” medley, we thought that the duo might have scrapped their plans to pay homage to Bob Marley, but the reefer madness kicked in mere moments later when the pair was joined onstage by marijuana enthusiast Rihanna, as well as Bob’s sons Damien and Ziggy, for a performance of “Could You Be Loved” that led to some truly awkward white girl dance moves from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift and Portia DeGeneres.

As far as tributes go, we’ve certainly seen some more, um, focused performances in the past, but no one can argue that the pairing of Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Sting failed to get the crowd hyped. In other words, it’s all good irie.

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