From Giggling With Beyoncé To Scolding Chris Brown, Adele Had The Best Grammy Awards Ever

A night she will never forget.

All hail Dame Adele–again. For the second straight year, the English songbird stole the show on music’s biggest night. With a fresh Grammy in her hand and etiquette lessons tailor-made for Chris Brown at the ready, Ms. Adkins gets our vote for Grammy MVP on account of looking so gosh darn tickled to be invited AND for being prepared to mediate potential fights before they got a chance to start.

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When Frank Ocean defeated Brown in the much talked about (and televised) Best Urban Contemporary Album category, Breezy’s failure to deliver a standing ovation–in a front-row seat–did not go unnoticed. According to the Daily Mail UK, Adele saw the whole thing and gave Brown a piece of her mind following his less than gracious display. (Not that you have to give a standing ovation, but the Grammys tend to operate on a mob mentality.) There goes our hero

She didn’t take home quite as much hardware as she did at 2012 Grammys, nor did she unleash her voice on the Staples Center crowd (keep those fingers crossed for the Academy Awards!) but she was easily the best part of last night’s lengthy award ceremony. Everyone wanted to talk to her and she was willing to take photos with just about anyone. And despite the handful of Grammy statues collecting dust on her mantle and record-setting album sales to her name, Adele looked exactly like how we’d imagine ourselves to be if given the chance to run around backstage at one of these things. (Or, how we wish we could be.) Below, our dream dialogue, also known as her reality:

“Oh hey, Rihanna! You look SO fabulous tonight.”
Katy, do you and John want to grab a drink at the bar?”
BEYONCE! I can’t breathe.”
“Oh, it’s you… Chris.”

After a selfless act the larger community surely appreciates–how many drafts entitled “Chris Brown Shocks The World By TK” did you have on standby?–the woman certainly deserves a moment or two to giggle with Beyoncé. We hope this means Blue Ivy and Baby To Be Named Later will be getting a playdate soon.