Paramore Rises From Bottom, Ready To Fight In New Video For “Now”

Watch below.

A lot has changed for Paramore over the last few years, but they’ve emerged stronger and ready to fight. New video for “Now” off their upcoming self-titled album (out April 9) serves to express the emotional state of the band in its current form after a tumultuous and very public lineup change. “Feels like I’m waking from the dead, and everyone’s been waiting on me,” sings Hayley Williams, who walks dangerously close to flying rubble yet remains safe from harm, with hair and makeup both perfectly intact.

In what is likely a response to the band’s slightly rocky recent history-recall that Josh and Zac Farro left the band in 2010–the lead singer and unofficial talking head stares through the fog, able to march purposefully amidst a world of chaos. After a tense but silent stand-off between an unknown military man, war rages on around her–specifically the colorful, paint-driven kind that should spark a memory or two for those with a distinct knowledge of Mel Gibson’s filmography. Whether it’s supposed to mean the trio is invincible, or simply prepared to fight whatever battles come their way, the video is a loud and dramatic visual that most certainly sets an optimistic tone for their future. Check out a first look, exclusively from your pals at VH1.