Lil Wayne’s Love Affair With Basketball May Need To Come To An End

It's time to move on.

Ok, it’s time Lil Wayne switch his sport of choice to soccer. His relationship with basketball is on the rocks, so perhaps a breakup should be in the near future.

Lil Wayne’s version is that the Miami Heat had Lil Wayne escorted out by police because he was rooting for the Lakers. It’s never that serious. “So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F#€k da Heat,” he tweeted. Sounds similar to his tiff with the OKC during playoffs last year. Yeezy’s crying foul, but meanwhile a fan who allegedly witnessed the incident firsthand has a different account of what really went down. Is Lil Wayne just being a diva?

According to Yahoo, Dana Vega, a fan who was nearby, says Wayne was kicked out for making a gun gesture. “Random guy yelled at Lil Wayne at #MiamiHEAT game, Weezy looked back, gave him a mean stare & gestured he had a gun,” Vega tweeted. “Weezy just got into argument with security at the #MiamiHEAT game. He got kicked out for gun gesture.” Meanwhile a spokesperson for the Heat claims Weezy voluntarily left. Whoever’s story you believe one thing is for sure: It’s time for Wayne to put his big boy boxer briefs on and enjoy the game or cheat on basketball with another sport.

Was Lil Wayne kicked out of Heat game or did he leave on his own?