In Honor Of Rihanna’s Sexy Strip-Down,14 Great Moments In Bathtub Videos

Either a movement to encourage better hygiene practices worldwide or an attempt at giving fans a more “intimate” experience, bathtubs are a popular location choice for music videos. They’re also breeding ground for emotional moments involving boogers and best friends (we see you, Jemima Kirke of Girls). Released on Tuesday, Rihanna’s sexy new clip for “Stay” had us thinking about a few other great moments involving bathtubs and video cameras (and no, not like that you creeps!).

Not only are these shots hot, they’re impressive–it’s no easy task to catch the bubbles on film before they’ve disappeared. So jump in, the water is warm.

From Beyoncé to Britney Spears to Lady Gaga, the featured shots are a mixture of sad soaks and sexy strip-downs. Rihanna most successfully works with this duality, opting for a couple’s tub in “We Found Love” and then begging her partner (and obvious Chris Brown look-alike) to stay in the aforementioned clip. Think there’s a connection to be made? Lonely and cold–and likely turning into a raisin with each passing second–a familiar locale we’ve all known since our earliest days is where the typically fearless performer is at her most vulnerable. Or maybe she’s just got soap in her eyes.

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