Friday Face-Off: Michael Jackson vs. Jennifer Lopez

Whatever mistakes were made on Valentine’s Day (too much chocolate, too many ex texts) let’s hope they weren’t as regrettable as the videos in this week’s Face-Off. It’s only natural to want to document every moment of your boo time when that bastard Cupid first starts pelting arrows, but don’t make the mistake of immortalizing your lurve in a music video like Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez did with Lisa Marie Presley and Ben Affleck, respectively. You tell us, was “You Are Not Alone” or “Jenny From The Block” more cringe-worthy post breakup? Vote after you read our case for each, while we make conversation with these leftover candy hearts and try not to cry into our flat Champagne. 

Team MJ

Michael Jackson “You Are Not Alone” – If you watched this video and felt utterly embarrassed for everyone involved with its creation, you are not alone. Starring then-wife Lisa Marie Presley, the video featured the bizarre couple prancing around a temple nearly-nude. It’s enough to distract you from what is a beautiful song about finding love and support through even the most isolating moments. Lucky thing it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 before the video dropped.

Team J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez “Jenny From The Block” – Everything about Bennifer was so overexposed and in your face that it made perfect sense for Jennifer Lopez to make her relationship fodder for a music video. In true J.Lo fashion, the voyeuristic clip for the track about being “real” displayed her expensive A-list lifestyle with Ben Affleck like a 6-carat, pink diamond ring. The most cringe-inducing part? Jen’s then-fiance literally kisses her ass on a yacht. I’d pay money to see Affleck explain that to his kids (with now-wife Jennifer Garner) when they stumble across it on YouTube.