Diddy Thinks Ed Sheeran ‘Is Some Other S#@*’

Diddy doesn’t co-sign other artists, admittedly. Unless he’s making bread from the artists (meaning they’re on his label or he’s featured on the song) Puff is not here for free promotion. Only he’s really, really feeling Ed Sheeran and wanted all of the Twitterverse to know.

VH1 was one of the first to scream from the mountaintops the dopeness that is Ed Sheeran. Next thing you know our You Oughta Know artist was performing at this year’s Grammys with Elton John. Over on Multimillionaire Row Puff’s been vibing out to Ed.

It’s worth re-mentioning the “And yall know I don’t cosign cats” part of the tweet to emphasize how major of a nod this is for Ed. Stay tuned for the Bad Boy/Ed Sheeran collaboration mixtape coming your way. Hey, it could happen. A mixtape may be out of Ed’s league, but the kid’s about to blow. Puff said it and so it will be.

[Photo: Getty Images]