Lil Wayne’s Stirring Up Marital Issues For Chris Bosh While Drake Wants No Parts Of The NBA Vs. Wayne Beef

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Lil Wayne must be to the point in his career where he has zero effs to give about losing fans. Last week it was the disgusting Emmett Till lyrics on Future’s “Karate Chop” that offended even Stevie Wonder. His latest antics include a tirade against the Miami Heat with the ultimate diss against one of its players.

Back in the day when you were on the playground during recess there were certain jabs kids would take at one another  that were considered “fighting words.” What Lil Wayne said about Chris Bosh’s wife in Houston during All Star weekend would definitely fall under the elementary school category of “those are fighting words.” After telling the crowd the NBA banned him from all NBA events because of the Miami Heat he screamed F— the NBA, the Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. But things got real when he admitted “And I f—– Chris Bosh’s wife.”

Oh, and peep Drake turning his back to the crowd during Wayne’s rant about the NBA and the players. We imagine Drake saying in his head, “I’m not riding with you on this one, boss. You messing up my NBA money, homie.” Drake knows what’s up.

Lil Wayne F**K MIAMI HEAT I F**ked Chris Bosh’s Wife

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