Frank Ocean Is At Least 10 Songs Deep Into New Concept Album

Frank Ocean doesn’t have time for petty fights with that huge pop star who shall remain nameless. He’s got a new album to complete. There’s also the hard task of finding space for the two Grammy awards he won while his enemy who shall remain nameless looked on.

Over in the UK Frank talked with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 about new music on the horizon. Fans are still absorbing the complexity and nuances of Channel Orange while Frank is 10 to 11 songs in on the new project. “It’s another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again,” he said. “At the end of Channel Orange, there’s “Golden Girl,” and it’s this beach scene. And I kind of want it to extend that feel into the next record all together, kind of make it that theme.” He’s hit the studio with super producers Pharrell and Danger Mouse. After his London trip is adjourned he’s headed to Bora Bora to work on the project from the beach. Once Frank inhales the serenity from the blue ocean waters in Bora Bora magic will happen.

Frank Ocean ’Like 10, 11 Songs’ Into New Album [Rolling Stone]

[Photo: Getty Images]