Even Without Janet Jackson Kendrick Lamar Turns “Poetic Justice” Into A Movie

Like everyone, we were hoping for a Janet Jackson cameo in Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated visual to “Poetic Justice.” Janet opted out of making an appearance in the song that samples her voice on “Any Time, Any Place,” but K. Dot didn’t disappoint with the mini film he presented.

The cinematic aspect of “Poetic Justice” captures both Boyz n the Hood and Poetic Justice–the movie. A group of youngsters in Compton are trying to have a good time when they’re interrupted by gunshots. Kendrick wants to enjoy the beauty of his girl but that’s cut short.What exactly Drake is doing, we’re not sure. Who is he talking to on the phone and why isn’t he talking to woman in the bed with him? Unfortunately, he’ll never reach his friend because by the end of the video Kendrick is tragically covering his girl, cell phone in hand, as they lay on the asphalt victims to gun violence.