Is No Doubt Postponing Tour Dates Due To Low Ticket Sales?

2012 was the year of the comeback for No Doubt who hadn’t released an album in 11 years. Despite the excitement diehard fans had surrounding Push and Shove’s release it looks like the group may be having trouble selling out arenas.

The group didn’t explicitly say they’re postponing tour dates due to low selling concert sales because openly admitting that would be bad for the brand. On the band’s Facebook page the post read, “While we were traveling the world last year promoting Push And Shove, Gwen mentioned she was inspired to write new music…We have decided to follow our muse for the time being and focus on this new music that we don’t want to stop. So, we will be postponing our tour plans briefly while we endeavor to create something special and inspired. Our goal as a band is to share this new music with you as quickly as possible.”

That’s odd. Postponing tour dates to make new music is an indication that something in the milk ain’t clean. Charging the paused tour to inspiration can’t be the full story. And why’s there such an urgency for new music when their album is barely a year old? Is it that the band came to the tough realization enough people don’t care anymore–at least not enough to buy $100 tickets? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

No Doubt Look to Challenge Doubters with New Music
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