50 Cent Has Some Interesting Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather And G-Unit

50 Cent’s heart is softening in his older age. He’s still got love for the original G-Unit camp–Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks–and may be open to hitting the stage with them again.

On ESPN’s First Take 50 was pretty open about anything the interviewers asked. A big chunk of the clip focused on his relationship with Floyd Mayweather and the fight we’ll never see–Manny Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

“It’s who Floyd is,” he said about their friendship. “He’ll just flip flop from time to time. It’s just who he is.” He took the high road on not bashing the guy he’d had such a great bromance with. According to Fif they’re still friends. On whether Floyd ducked fighting Manny Pacquiao: “Yes,” he said without hesitation. “For two reasons: he concentrates on how much somebody else is getting paid opposed to how much he’s actually getting paid. He does clarify that Floyd isn’t afraid of Pacquiao or any fighter for that matter.

On G-Unit he’s open to the idea of a reunion. “The original G-Unit, maybe. We might do something. I’ll be honest with you. Some of these new artists on the label I don’t think are working as hard as they could,” 50 admitted. “I don’t know how hard they want to work or how much they want it. I could see the original coming back together though.” G-Unit was certainly one of the best selling rap groups, but does anyone care anymore?

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