Kanye West Wants The World To Know He Gave MTV’s Sway His First TV

If Kanye gifts you with your first TV you should be forever grateful and never criticize anything he does. MTV’s Sway Calloway learned that lesson yesterday when Ye called Hot 97 to tell the world what he’d done for Sway.

At least Ye’s not mad that his protege Big Sean had a higher ranking than him on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game VIII” list. He is mad, though, that he was ranked number seven. Imagine that. Kanye not coming in the top five–the world’s going to end. Here’s how the call went before Ye blasted Sway and hung up the phone.

“Yeah number seven bothers me.”
Of course it does. Because Kanye is incapable of accepting constructive criticism. And “If I ever wasn’t the greatest n—-, I must’ve missed it.”

“I think Wayne’s the number one rapper in the world.”
This is where everyone realizes Ye is sippin’ on some lean and he’s not to be taken too seriously.

“In order for them to put me at number seven they had to bring up things they didn’t like. They was like they didn’t like the Cruel Summer album.”

The thought of people not liking something Kanye created is unfathomable, but it happened. Cruel Summer was a disappointment. And Kanye will deal.

“It’s definitely not based on the body of work.”
The only body of work from Ye in 2012 was Cruel Summer. So, yes, it was actually based on that and the majority ruled that Big Sean was the star of that compilation.

“They don’t like Givenchy Kanye. They don’t like Kanye in a kilt. They don’t like Kanye in a relationship.”
That’s that s— people don’t like! Bang, bang.

“I don’t think they’re going bar for bar. I said, ’Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.’ Ain’t no bar, ain’t no bar, in the entire past 12 months that’s hotter than that bar.”
Really? If only we had the time…

“I come from this battle rap, like that’s how I grew up in Chicago. I couldn’t believe it.”
Believe it, honey. It happened. And it will happen again if you don’t live up to the god-like standards we all have of you.

“I gave Sway his first TV man. He came over my crib in Newark, New Jersey, I was living in Newark doing beats for Jay and Beans and all them and I was getting a new TV and I gave Sway his first TV. And really I didn’t even wanna call to even talk about the number seven list. I just want to tell everybody I gave Sway his first TV and he need to remember that.”
*dial tone*
C’mon man. You’re touring the world, have four largely successful solo albums (five if you count Watch The Throne), you’re seated front row of any fashion show you want, not to mention can buy anything your 808s heart desires, and you want Sway to remember you gave (not bought, but gave) him his first TV, which was a used one at that, and couldn’t have been more than a stack. Unbelievable. Sway had the best response for this on Twitter. “#Swaysfirsttv OK the jig is up! @kanyewest thanks 4 my 1st Tv BUT you still owe me the REMOTE! lol #Hottestmc finale on @mtvjams Thurs 10pm!”

[Photo: Getty Images]