Kendrick Lamar Tells VH1 The Verses On “Poetic Justice” Are About ‘Specific People’

Kendrick Lamar said he and Drake’s verses on “Poetic Justice” are talking about specific people. Somewhere the ladies the rappers are referencing are bragging, “Girl, you know Drake’s/Kendrick’s talking about me in that song, right?”

Kendrick Lamar was mellow on the set of his “Poetic Justice” video as he chatted with VH1 about working with Drake.”My vibe with Drake is real cool,” K. Dot said. “This track was really bringing out the best of pulling out pure honesty on a track. We’re talking about specific people. That’s something he’s great at and something I figure myself at being great at, you know just telling the story.” Well it looks like K. Dot and Drake have dealt with a couple of cheating women with that being the subtle theme of the video.

Also if you wondered why he chose to revive Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace” it’s mainly due to his mama. “I just remember my mom playing Janet Jackson all the time.” Words to mom’s music pallet, which years later led to Kendrick’s hit.

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