Mariah Carey Is Overcome By Emotion In “Almost Home”

Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home” video has great classic Mariah moments–and by great, we mean hilariously awkward. Nothing about the video or message of the song is supposed to be funny, but that doesn’t keep one from letting out a chuckle accompanied by an endearing, “Oh, Mariah.”

It feels like it’s been years since we’ve watched a soundtrack single’s video that included clips from the actual movie. For the Oz the Great and Powerful’s lead single, director Dave LaChapelle goes vintage. The black and white scenes of the crooner contrast with the bright colors of the sneak peek clips of the flick. And, of course, there are the diva dramatics. In her black floor length gown, Mariah awkwardly tries to figure out how to move —sexy or not-too sexy?— to a song for a Disney film. There’s the waddle-walk in front of a chair and the one finger point as her vocal register rises. There’s the sad gaze into space to match the semi-melancholy of the lyrics.

Her coat drop onto the floor was uber theatrical. She follows that up with her hands moving in a ballerina motion. The finger point returns. The infamous Mariah walk, which really looks like a heavy stomp, is back just in time for her to let herself go into the wind fan blowing her hair. Mariah tops that with a quick hip swivel. After that she gets low for a kneel hugging herself while inches away from the floor. After hugging herself she’s in the mood for a two-step, more hand motions and a single tear. When the Stargate bass booms, Mariah spins around, whipping her crown and glory while rubbing her hips and butt. It’s a sight to see, especially for the children who are sure to be watching. Finally she hits her highest notes with her arms wide open, fists clenched, looking toward the sky. Wait…she’s not done. Her step forward, step back is now in full effect until she lets it all go for her final beautiful riffs that capture a single tear on the opposite cheek.

We love Mimi. Only Mariah could execute what we’ve described above in such a diva fashion.

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