Chris Brown Explodes In Parking Lot Over 10 Dollar Valet Charge

Chris Brown should just stay away from parking lots. On the tails of his recent blowup with Frank Ocean over a parking spot, Breezy is off the rails again, losing his cool over a $10 valet charge at an L.A. bowling alley.

Brown had been attending a charity event at the PINZ alley in Studio City, but he was definitely less than charitable when he went to collect his car outside and was told about the service fee. According to the video on TMZ, Chris f–ked out (to use the technical term). His whole crew started to swarm around the valet guy, and the R&B star was heard to growl “F–k ten dollars.” Apparently he was pissed because he had only been at the venue for 30 minutes and didn’t feel like he had to pay the full parking amount.

But the valet dude stood his ground, refusing to turn over his ride until he got has ten bucks. It’s all about the Hamiltons, baby. A saner member of the entourage tried to smooth the situation over by saying “We got the money … don’t worry about it,” but Chris shot him down. “We gonna turn this whole thing on out,” he was heard to shout. Harsh words for a guy on probation. Pick your battles, dude!  He shouted one last “F–k ass ten dollars” at the valet before storming off. It isn’t known who paid the charge, but he eventually drove off in his whip, giving us all a sort-of happy ending.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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