The Real Story Behind The 36″ TV Kanye Gave Sway

Sway’s very first old school bulky 36″ TV that Kanye gave him, and wanted him to remember, made its debut on RapFix Live to which everyone watching collectively thought, “That’s the old thing Kanye’s whining about?”

Sway tells the story of touring Kanye’s apartment in 2001 to find the now infamous TV in the bathroom sink. Sway thought it was “abstract art” so he let it rock. When he asked Ye about it Kanye admitted he was embarrassed to have such a small TV in his living room so he hid it in the bathroom sink of all places. Kanye told Sway he was throwing it out. “’No you not, homie. You grab one end of the TV, I’mma grab the other.’ We took the TV to my car, I went home and the rest is history.”

Sway’s response to Kanye’s beef with MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game VIII” list has been perfectly comical sans animosity while still addressing the blog buzzing topic. “When I got home I realized he didn’t give me the remote. ’So dude, you owe me a remote.'”

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